S.R.Levitt Ltd. undertakes bespoke software development for a variety of clients, in diverse areas such as immersive media, motor sports and chemical analysis. Here are just a few of our recent projects:

Apollo Ensemble is a software and hardware system that allows children and adults with special needs to control music, sounds, lighting, images and video.
SR Levitt Ltd has been involved since the inception of the project in 2006, writing the PC software and embedded firmware for a range of wireless sensors and base stations. The company continues to provide ongoing software support and has now been involved with two additional phases of development to further extend the features of the software.

Geartronics are long established in the design and manufacture of semi-automatic gearbox shift systems and gearbox control electronics. These units are fitted to a wide variety of race cars allowing gear shifts in a fraction of a second, typically 50-60ms or less. The paddleshift unit continually reads a variety of sensors and CAN interfaces, and controls the gearshift actuators and throttle to produce smooth clutchless gear shifts. SR Levitt Ltd provides Geartronics with the full software engineering service vital to their product's success.

Comms Design
Comms Design is an innovative electronic product design and manufacturing company with a strong product portfolio in the rail industry. SR Levitt Ltd worked with Comms Design over a 3 year period in the development and implementation of embedded firmware in a number of products, most notably a piece of in-cab signalling equipment for use on a number of fleets of rail vehicles. SR Levitt Ltd. contributed to all aspects of the software development of this product, including participation in the railway product approvals process. This equipment is now in active use on UK rail lines in Scotland.

GSPK Design provides a complete design and manufacturing service for electronic devices. SR Levitt Ltd has worked with GSPK engineers on a number of their projects to supplement their in-house software engineering capability. From writing software for wireless-linked embedded devices, through to full PC-based device configuration and data analysis packages, SR Levitt Ltd has built up a successful woking relationship with GSPK over a number of years.